Lyra is a warrior and Mr. Woodwin's granddaughter. She is an ally to Tempo. Her weapon is a harp that shoots arrows at distant enemies.

An Artwork of Lyra
Vital statistics
Position Good
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


Lyra is a tall young woman having cinnamon blonde and brown hair, the back of her hairstyle having the shape of a harp, a blue head band with a gold S turned sideways. She also wears brown boots with gold on the top of them.


Tempo -

Tappy -

Tyko -

Cymbi -


As a warrior, Lyra is a great shooter especially at archery. She uses her harp to shoot enimies at a distance by pressing Template:A/X


  • Lyra shares some similarities to the Lightning Flash Phosphora[1] from the Kid Icarus Series as both are female warriors, both exposed their bellies, both look like beautiful human teenage girls (Lyra having an appearance of a Unknown & Phosphora having an appearance of a 16-17 Year old Teenage Girl), both have blonde hair (Lyra having Cinnammon Blonde & Brown Hair & Phosphora having Yellow Blonde Hair with Orange at the ends), both wear accessories on their bodies (Lyra wearing a blue head band with an "S" turned sideways & Phosphora wearing a blue scarf with electricity at the end), both have special abilities (Lyra able to shoot enimies at a great distance & able to dodge attacks & Phosphora able to shoot electricity from her fingers, turn into a lightning bolt, move really fast in the air, teloport, fly, summon storms & twisters to attack her enemies, levitate make her voice deepen), both are based on a certain type of Mythology (Lyra possibly based on most of the Greek Goddess who are archers due to that she is an archer, she's beautiful, & have great skills at archery & Phosphora's Japanese name (Ereka) based on the Greek Mythology Pleiad Nymph Electra[2] due to that Electra's name mean light and Phosphora has the power of electricity, & she's a beautiful young girl meaning that she is most likely to be a nymph), & both are allies to their leaders (Lyra is an ally to Tempo & Phosphora is an ally to Viridi the Goddess of Nature[3], & Forces of Nature[4] due to that she has a vine wraped around her body)